27 People Who Had Their Names “Ruined” By Pop Culture

Late Night TV writer Jesse McLaren asked a question that many people have been waiting years and years to answer, based on the popularity of the responses. 

“What piece of pop culture has ruined your first name?’ they demanded of their followers, opening the door to a flood of responses that have drowned Twitter.

Everyone has a bone to pick with a pop culture icon, song, or movie who has made their name the butt of a joke. Somebody or something who made their middle school years a living hell or ruined every new introduction to a potential friend. Some had both their first AND last name burned. Some have been dealing with it for years, some have outlived the reference, and some just got hit with the pop culture ruination.

Damn Daniel.

Everyone thought they were alone, the only ones ever tormented or teased, but the thousands of replies show just how hard it is to escape some association with pop culture. And for people who do, they might be happier to feel left out after reading some of these responses: