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After The Capitol Fiasco, The “Storming Area 51” Meme Is Back With A Vengeance (20 Memes)

Domestic terrorists stormed the United States Capitol yesterday, angry over the 2020 election results. Shockingly, the Capitol Police did almost nothing to stop the intruders, even opening security gates to allow the protestors onto the grounds. 

Twitter users took to the site to acknowledge the Capitol’s lack of security and make jokes that it was harder to try to get into Area 51 in July 2019

But really, this lack of security at the Capitol has people wondering: would other government buildings be this easy to storm? Did Nicholas Cage do way too much in National Treasure to steal the Declaration of Independence? Should we give storming Area 51 to find aliens another shot? 

The answer is yes to all of them. 

1. How come that one was taken seriously?!

2. I really think I could have taken her.

3. Some people pointed out how security wasn’t doing much.

4. We’re coming for you, friends.

5. Not a bad idea.

6. I’m seeing a few issues.

7. Find the differences between these two photos.

8. It’s aliens and I’m coming for em. 

9. What were they supposed to do? Tear gas them? Yes. 

10. Not a great day for Capitol Police.

11. No idea what you’re talking about.

12. Things would be better.

13. GO! GO! GO!

15. They’ll never suspect a thing.

16. We could storm anything! 

17. So tired of our crap.

18. They’re just not trying anymore.

19. Let’s try again!

20. This was the best take.


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