Guy Says Students With Anxiety Shouldn’t Have To Present In Class, Now People Are Arguing

A surprising number of both high school and college courses require students to stand in front of the class and do what the teacher is supposed to do: present information in an engaging, comprehensible manner. I’ve always thought presentations were equivalent to movie days. They just give the teacher a chance to nod off with their hangover in the back of the classroom. It seems like in some places, they’re taken more seriously than that, based on this viral tweet from @bluexmasgcv, or Jordan.

Jordan wrote, “People with anxiety shouldn’t have to present in front of their class if they aren’t comfortable,” and added a grinning emoji for some sort of emphasis. 

He added that he had a teacher who allowed him to submit his project and walk her through it privately, instead of presenting in front of the class and it made a huge difference. He also said this isn’t a new debate and a similar tweet went viral but got deleted because the original poster got so much hate. They may be cowed in the classroom, but they won’t be silenced online!

It is very strange that so many people have a strong opinion about how others should be forced to present just because they once were.

If you’re a teacher and have your reasons, I guess that can be debated from a more relevant place. If you’re not a teacher, why do you care?

There were many people who supported Jordan, though, because they have anxiety as well, and talking to or in front of people is a real challenge. It would make their real work of study much easier if they didn’t have this added work of becoming public speakers all of the sudden.

On the other hand, a classroom is a place where you can kind of mess up and it’s not a big deal. There are probably people who know they have anxiety but want to try and work through it in a relatively safe environment and this might be the start of that, even if it is stressful. Of course, the word “mandatory” kinda takes the personal choice out of it.

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