Don’t Worry, We Found The Best Super Bowl 2023 Memes For You, And Here They Are (24 Memes & Tweets)

Super Bowl LVII may have featured ads that asked us to scan QR codes and what looked like dancing marshmallows during Rihanna’s halftime performance.

Still, it was the first Super Bowl game to feature two black quarterbacks, and at least there were no crypto commercials this year (I wonder why), plus the game itself came down to the wire, with the Chiefs wrestling the Lombardi Trophy from the near-grasp of the Eagles, 38-35 with a last-second field goal.

All-in-all, actually a pretty fun game to watch. Or as this guy put it:

But we don’t care as much about the commercials and the game these days do we? We care about who had the funniest meme or best Tweet about Super Bowl 2023.

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Thankfully, we stayed up way past our bedtimes to compile the absolute best of the best we saw (and we only see the best, so there.)

Funniest Super Bowl Memes & Tweets Of 2023

1. Hey, some people just don’t like the “big game” and that’s OK. Hitch was a good movie!

2. Oh no!

3. I mean, he is an Eagles fan, so it makes sense.

4. I’m with the boomers on this.

5. It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl without a “Superb Owl” tweet, and as long as it’s from the National Park Service, I’ll allow it.

super bowl 2023 meme - superb owl

6. I think the timeline The Flash should have changed is his own.

7. Ok technically Adele at Super Bowl LVII hasn’t become a meme YET, but familiarize yourself because it’s about it

8. Gotta love a good doink.


super bowl 2023 meme - waiting for riri




super bowl 2023 meme - farmer's dog commercial

13. “Dude With A Sign” is probably right.

super bowl 2023 meme - dude with a sign riri UFOs

14. Everyone had a hot take on the marshmallow dancers.

15. Just like the Super Bowl itself, the Rihanna memes were the best part.

super bowl tweets 2023 - rihanna lobster


super bowl tweets 2023 - commercials were bad




20. Not everyone things Rihanna was the best choice for halftime guest.

super bowl tweets 2023 - step brothers



super bowl tweets 2023 - no raises but enough money for a super bowl commercial

23. Plus you have to go to Disney World. Winning the Super Bowl honestly just doesn’t seem worth it.

super bowl tweets 2023 - gatorade dump

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