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Twitter Left Confused By Google’s Map Of “Popular” Super Bowl Recipes By State

Possibly more important to fans than the Super Bowl itself are the parties surrounding the Super Bowl. If you’re a football fan, whether your team has made the cut or not, you’re going to either host a party or be heading over to someone else’s, and stuff yourself full of mediocre food and mediocre beer. It’s just tradition.

And, naturally, Google has done its best to compile data on just what those traditions are made up of.

via Twitter/Google

Specifically, they’ve released a map detailing which “relatively uniquely searched Super Bowl recipes” have originated from each state over the past week leading up to the game.

The map is even color-coded by whether the item is a main dish, side dish, appetizer, chili, or dip. For some reason.

Of course, the map quickly sparked a discussion, with many ready to poke fun at other states’ “weird” food choices.


Some were frustrated with the responses for their own states, calling them inaccurate and absurd.

Others just had some questions and general complaints about…everything going on here.

But one man stepped up to be the hero Super Bowl fans across the country need, the hero Google Trends may not deserve.

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