the hardest pill to swallow

People Are Sharing Hard Truths With The “Hardest Pill To Swallow” Meme (35 Tweets)

There are a lot of hard truths out there that we’d all like to avoid. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible. You can keep denying a truth when it’s shoved in your face over and over. Or you can just swallow it and move on. The latter is the best strategy, in my opinion, but this is also the first time I’ve seen so many difficult truths listed in a row.

Twitter user @colevsthewrld shared a picture of a pill bottle with the word “Bomboclaat,” a Jamaican patois curse, usually used in a moment of anger, but which has been transmuted by memes to mean a bad moment, or realization.

What are people realizing looking at this pill bottle? Well, the prescription reads, “The Hardest Pill To Swallow.”

Folks are using this as an opportunity to share al these unpleasant truths I’ve been talking about. They’re a lot to absorb at once, but a few tie in together. Some I still don’t agree with—which maybe means I’m in denial. We’re not all ready to swallow these truths, but see if there are some you need to accept today.