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People Are Sharing The Worst Advice They’ve Gotten From Boomers Over The Years

The war between boomers and millennials rages on, stoked to a burning blaze after the “Ok Boomer” article by Taylor Lorenz hit the pages of The New York Times. That’s the paper boomers feed off of, and they were pretty upset to find they were being mocked as the most narcissistic, clueless, and selfish generation.

So upset, in fact, that some of them compared the derogative boomer label to the n-word. You can imagine how seriously people took that. But now that the secret is out, everyone is airing all of their feelings about boomers that they’ve had to swallow all these years. Boomers are our parents, our aunts and uncles, our bosses. They’ve been in a position to give advice for so long, and so much of it is so damn bad. Twitter user and writer @Freeyourmindkid asked their followers for examples of the worst of the worst Boomer advice they ever got. Sadly, much of it will probably sound familiar.

The most common piece of terrible wisdom is that people should go into businesses directly to get a job, instead of applying online as the company asks. Maybe this worked when everyone was trying to work in an ice cream shop, but it hasn’t been that way for a long time. Do NOT go in to talk to the managers in real life, they will remember you as a PROBLEM.

There’s more boomer advice where that came from. Reading this list might be too familiar or it might be revelatory—you may not know that the advice your boomer folks gave you is terrible until someone else with more sense tweets it.

1. Understanding rent in the modern era.

2. What kind of money folks have for retirement

3. Arrive early, stay late…for no reason

4. Youth as a reason to not understand politics

5. Embrace sexism!

6. Embrace abuse!

7. A degree guarantees a job

8. Aging leads to conservatism

9. The dreaded job hunt Boomer advice…

10. Threaten to take your employer’s job??