Viral Video Shows How To Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs Like A Pro (If You Could Go Pro At Peeling Eggs)

My toddler is a picky eater. And he recently decided he wants hard-boiled eggs — all the time. So my life has become purchasing eggs, boiling them, letting them cool in the fridge, and then spending twenty thousand hours peeling the shell from them before warming them up again and giving them to my child. My nails hate me, but my kid is happy. 

Apparently, there’s a way to peel a hard-boiled egg that I feel like a complete moron for not knowing. And a Twitter user has shared this information in a video that when watched, will make you feel embarrassed you ever struggled with a hard-boiled egg.

Lots of folks tried the hack with success—but some shared shared their failures

Some people were concerned about all that water being used.

Now get out there and peel a bunch of eggs! 

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