White Woman Gets Slapped After Grabbing And Telling Native American Woman To “Go Back To Mexico”

A video taken in a gas station in Pheonix, Arizona, by a man named Greg Conn on Saturday shows a white woman approaching a woman of color telling her to “go back to Mexico.”

“Native Americans are from this country!” the younger woman says, indicating that she is Native. She tells the clerk, “Don’t serve her racist a**.”

Since the video starts in the middle of the argument, the man behind the camera tries to fill in context. He says that the white woman told the Native woman to “go back to her country.”

The white woman continues to demand to know where the Native woman was born. The Native woman says she was born in America and demands to know where the white woman’s family was born. The white woman seems to become more and more incensed at being questioned and grabs the Native woman’s arm. She then gets slapped. This seems to knock her to her senses somewhat and she finally leaves.

According to TMZ, the white woman initially ID’d herself as a manager at the establishment, which was a lie. She is not employed by that chain of gas stations and is “no longer welcome at any of their locations nationwide.”

Complex reports that the white woman’s identity was soon uncovered by Internet detectives and she works at her husband’s law firm. His business pages have been spammed by negative comments:

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And people are still widely sharing the video to show what happens when you lay your hands on somebody (and how easily white people lose it when questioned about their own origins):

Being racist is evil. Being racist and thinking you can keep getting away with this sh*t is stupid.

More racists caught on tape: