23 Of The Weirdest Donations Found By Thrift Store Employees


“I sometimes volunteer at a local NGO and used lingerie is almost always there in bags that are dropped off. Soiled, sometimes. People are weird.” –BiaatchAndAHalf


“One of the few surviving enigma machines. The owner passed away and his family dropped it off with a box of newspapers and some memorabilia from the war etc. My aunt being a history nut, figured out what it was, got it appraised (worth almost £100k) and looked for the family for 5 months before being able to return it to them. She didn’t have a heart to take it under false pretenses” –sioigin55


“Not me, but a friend’s mom found a designer handbag full of vomit and a backpack full of shit.” –snacksjpg


“I was examining an old manual typewriter someone donated. It had a vinyl carrying case with a zipper pocket on the inside. I opened it and found a manual, the original receipt, and an envelope of Polaroid pictures. The pictures were of several women in lingerie or semi-nude. All looked like they were in their 60s-70s. At the bottom of the Polaroid was a name and date, covering about a 10-year span. One of the nicer things I came across working that job, better than dealing with the dirty underwear we got on the regular.” –734YTR667W354


“Xbox 360 when they were new, with games. Guy said his son got in a lot of trouble so he just gave it away. A brief case of like 30 fake plastic model flip phones. Like you would see in a Verizon store back in the day.” –rafferty85


“About 10 years ago I worked at a chain thrift store, one morning we got a phone call from this gentleman saying, rather calmly, “I think I accidentally donated my mom”, naturally I had no clue what the fuck that meant. Turns out the guy donated his moms ashes so he left his number in case we found it.” –whiskeyhalfpint


“Not me but an acquaintance from high school found a live hamster, came with a little cage and all.” –kikilovesjiji


“Vintage Mickey Mouse gas mask from the Second World War. We were not far from an antiques dealer and I later saw that mask in pride of place, centre of the antique shop window.” –witch-of-endor


“One time two young enough dudes rock up with two small bags of clothes and two drawer type bedroom furniture. Bag of clothes was all good, some expensive stuff it them. But each drawer had a mirror supper glued to the top of the desk.

Turns out the Garda (Irish police) came in one of the days looking for the furniture and clothes. The two lads were drug dealers and they just dropped off the evidence. They were using the drawer to cut up coke.” –danydandan


“An artificial lower leg that someone’s dog had gotten a hold of and chewed most of the foot off.” –MomofanAvenger


“A fox fur stole, with real fur, shaped like the fox still, but with glass eyes. Nearly gave me a heart attack, lying there, looking at me!” –3words_catpenbook


“A soviet general cap full with badges. A week later. The same cap but with all the badges cut and picked off. Were probably worth more than the cap.” –throwthisawayys



“Every once in a while at the shop I used to volunteer at, a large white bag would appear. Always the same kind of white bag, it was full of hand knitted baby cardigans, hats, gloves, bootees. All different shades, expertly made, beautifully folded, with tissue paper on top and the whole thing smelled of fresh baby powder. Nobody ever saw who brought it in. We’d be through the back sorting stuff, head through when we heard the front door go and one white bag would be there, with nobody in sight. I’ve not worked there for years but it still happens, from what I’m told. To this day nobody knows who the Mystery Knitter is.” –thepurplehedgehog

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