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Local News Anchor Shares Story Of Eagle-Eyed Viewer Noticing Her Cancer Before She Did

It’s a story at once both scary and uplifting and an argument for watching more TV.

Last month, Victoria Price, a news anchor for WFLA in Tampa, Florida received an unusual email from a viewer. The woman had seen something in Price’s broadcast that had given her cause for concern, something that Price herself hadn’t noticed.

Victoria Price

It was her neck, which according to the viewer appeared to have a lump that could indicate a thyroid problem, as it had in her own case.

In her email the concerned viewer wrote:

Victoria Price

Price got checked out and discovered she did in fact have thyroid cancer. She will now be having her thyroid and several lymph nodes removed to treat the disease and took to Twitter to thank one of her “wonderful WFLA viewers for bringing it to my attention.”

In another tweet, Price responded to questions and explained what the eagle-eyed viewer had seen, namely a slight bulge in her neck caused by the tumor.

In a series of screenshots on Twitter Price explained how moved she was by the viewer’s concern, writing:

“As a journalist, it’s been full throttle since the pandemic began. Never-ending shifts in a never-ending news cycle. Adjusting to remote workflows and in my case, taking on a new investigative role. We were covering the most important health story in a century, but my own health was the farthest ting from my mind.”

She also wrote: 

“8 On Your Side” isn’t just a catchphrase at WFLA. It’s our cornerstone. But the roles recently reversed when I found a viewer on MY side, and I couldn’t be more grateful.” 

Victoria Price

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