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Wholesome Strangers On The Internet Will Get Your Back Sometimes (23 Pics)

What’s better than the absolutely unconditional support of your loved ones? The unconditional support of a total stranger on the internet? Yes! Yes, that!

Here are some of the absolute cutest examples of people online being so damn pure my heart’s imploding. Enjoy!

1. Social Media


2. Just Flush


3. Music is Music

sponge-the-bobert / Reddit

4. Be Who You Want To Be… As Long As That Person Likes Final Fantasy

Quants-151 / Reddit

5. Great Conga Line


6. Nirvana for Everyone


7. Bro…


8. Blessings All Around


9. Southerners vs Northerners


10. My People


11. The Finish Line Doesn’t Have An Expiration Date


12. I’m Not Here to Judge

Nickelodeon / Hello_Im_the_world

13. You Don’t Have To Thrive In The Storm, You Just Have To Survive It


14. Have a Nice Day!


15. All Boy Sizes Are Cute And Good


16. Take Your Time


17. Unicorn Party!


18. You’re Not a Product


19. Full PRICE?!?!?

Skweezy Jibbs

20. Awkward? Naw.


21. Like things!


22. Let Them Have Toast


23. President!

 Suzanne Paragano Kane