Hooters Waitress Reveals How She Makes Her A-Cups Look Bigger In Viral TikTok

A Hooters waitress went viral for revealing how she tricks her customers into tipping more.

TikToker Kirsten (@theflathootersgirl) shared a video with her 100k+ followers revealing a before and after of her trick.

So, do women with smaller chests earn as much in tips as their busty coworkers while working at Hooters?

According to Kirsten, you do, but you have to know a few tricks of the trade, which she’s been revealing in her TikTok videos.

In an interview, she discussed her method which involves a padded bra, sticky boobs, and some contouring makeup.

“The silicone inserts (aka sticky boobs) are what makes the most difference in my appearance; it’s what pushes my boobs together to create the cleavage line in the center. (I got the sticky bra at Walmart!)

The contour around the edge of my breasts creates the illusion of a shadow, making my boobs look even bigger. All of this adds about two to three cups, depending on how well I do it.”

You Can View The Full Video Here:


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Kirsten notes that she only uses this trick while on the clock, and didn’t do this to get hired. She also added that she’s perfectly happy with her natural appearance, but she works there to make money, and because of the Hooters brand, it matters while she’s at work.


Jason Mustian

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