Man Leaves Phone Number For Hooters Waitress While Dining With Another Woman, She Exposes Him On TikTok

If you’re gonna shoot your shot at a waitress by leaving your number on the receipt it’s probably a good idea to do it while you’re not on a date with a woman.

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A Hooters waitress recently took to TikTok to shame a man who left his phone number while dining with another woman.

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In the now-viral video, TikToker Jody Tavares (@jodylynntavares) reveals that a customer who appeared to be sitting with his girlfriend left his number on a wet nap packet, and gave it to her with a tip as they left the restaurant.

She says in the video:

“If you and your boyfriend went to the Stars game in downtown Dallas and came to the Hooters in downtown Dallas afterward, and I was your waitress, I don’t know how the fuck your boyfriend pulled this off, but I’m going to expose him,” 

You can view the full video here:


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She even shares part of the phone number in an attempt to help the woman he was with identify him.

“I’m tired of these men acting shitty as fuck, especially when you’re right there,” the Hooters waitress says, “Because I don’t think you’re his mom.”

Tavares then reveals in the comments that the man says the woman he was with was his sister. 

Many commenters called B.S. on that claim, however. One commenter asked, “But if it was his sister, why did he try to hide it? Why didn’t he just write it on a napkin or the receipt?”

There were also many who also came to the man’s defense.

“Did this at dinner with my sister one time and it never crossed my mind it was sus looking,” another person shared.

“My guess is that it was his sister. Sometimes my brother and I go places and people think the same thing,” another said

Regardless, there was an outpouring of support for Tavares for putting the man on blast.

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