Woman Asks If Taking The ‘Office Coffee Pot’ She Bought When She Quits Is A Jerk Move

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Coffee is life.

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And if you’ve ever worked in an office environment that doesn’t have a communal coffee situation, you know it’s expensive to bring coffee in every day.

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Some people take it upon themselves to bring in their own coffee-making apparatus and choose to share — but what happens when it’s time to get a new job?

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One Redditor who is the keeper of the coffee pot is facing a dilemma — take her Keurig with her when she goes or leave it behind?

“I just found a new job, closer to home for more pay, and put in my notice. The people here are acting like they’ll miss me but it’s such a great opportunity that most of them are understanding and kind about it. The issue I have is…I paid for nearly everything in our coffee break area out of my own pocket. The Keurig, all the coffee pods, sugar, creamer…I paid for it it’s mine. However it is the only working coffee pot in the building, and when joked to my store manager about, ‘What are you going to do without your morning coffee?’ Now my current coworkers are saying, ‘Are you really going to steal the coffee pot when you leave?’ It’s not stealing, it’s mine. And it’s not cheap to replace. So internet strangers…WIBTA for taking home my Keurig and coffees?”

Redditors were pretty adamant that the OP would not in fact be in the wrong for claiming her property.

“NTA, take it and run, those zombies can buy their own coffee maker,” said Imnotabadslime7.

“NTA but I hope you kept your receipts to prove it then you can ask them to buy it from you or it goes with you. I brought my extra Keurig and coffee bar to a friends house for a baby shower and hostess thought I should leave it since ‘it looked so nice set up in her dining room’ I said she could if she paid for it, she didn’t reply,” noted Trin_42.

“It’s yours and you paid for it. Maybe if it were a really cheap coffee maker, then maybe you’d be the AH, but Keurigs and pods are not cheap,” said stephaleeleelee.

“Take it all home. In fact, take it before your last day in case someone decides to hide it from you,” advised teresajs.

“NTA. It’s yours. I got the same push back when I left a teaching job and all of my classroom decorations were mine. Nor were they cheap. That being said if you were to want to generously gift them the machine, it’d be very nice but it’s not really nice that they expect that from you. Surely they can all take up an office collection and buy a machine for the office…or HR needs to find the funds,” said Issyswe.

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