People Are Sharing Deeply Unsettling Facts And They May Leave You Shook (20 Facts)

11. Serial Killer

The world’s most prolific living serial killer is a man called Pedro Lopez. He was convicted of the killing of 110 girls. But he claims he has raped and murdered over 300

His current whereabouts are unknown


12. Bridges

The mathews and the hart bridges in jacksonville are about to fail, the pilings in the river do not touch bottom. I’m a commercial diver and I refuse to drive on these bridges.


13. Heart Attacks

The symptoms for a heart attack can be a lot milder than what is shown in movies or TV shows.

I have seen people coming in with some discomfort and then passing due to a massive infarction when we did the angiogram.


14. Jaycee Dugard

A convicted rapist managed to abduct an 11 year old girl and keep her as a sex slave for 18 years, even forcing her to bear his children, all while being monitored by parole officers who remained clueless to what was going on for nearly two decades.


15. Blushing

When you blush so does your stomach.


16. Holocaust Survivors

There were Holocaust survivors that died shortly after being liberated because their body couldn’t handle the increased calories when they were fed by the soldiers that freed them.


17. Fertilization

The real-world process of human fertilization (i.e., not in a lab) is so random that just about anything that happened differently during and after your parents having sex would have resulted in someone else (or no one) being born instead of you.


18. Uh oh

The USA has lost 6 nuclear weapons that were never found.


19. Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley at Mount Everest is named so because of the colorful coats of dead people.


20. Moo.

Cows don’t convert grass directly into protein. They have enormous colonies of bacteria in their stomachs that have population explosions when they eat grass, live, breed, die, and then the cows digest them into protein.