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For No Reason At All, Crocs Teams Up With KFC For Chicken-Scented Shoe

In what seems like the world’s strangest (and possibly most disturbing) collaboration, Kentucky Fried Chicken teamed up with Crocs (yes, the shoe brand) to make…fried chicken-inspired footwear. 

The footwear comes with chicken-scented drumstick charms. Yes, charms, which sit atop the shoe. And smell like fried chicken. 

kfc crocs kfc crocs

kfc crocs kfc crocs kfc crocs 

Business Insider reports that these absurd things were unveiled at Fashion Week in New York City, where Me Love Me a Lot (MLMA), the artist, wore them proudly. 


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In what must surely be a joke (but isn’t), Andrea Zahumensky, the chief marketing officer of KFC US, said, “Combining the unmistakable look of our world-famous fried chicken and signature KFC bucket with the unparalleled comfort and style of Crocs, these shoes are what fried chicken footwear dreams are made of.”

There are so many levels of WTF here, and Twitter’s thankfully got that covered:

This. This times 1 million:

We didn’t need this image…

For sixty dollars. SIXTY actual dollars.

Most people felt this way:

Hard same.

But hey, you do you.

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