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“Wrap It Twice”—20 People Share The Worst Sex Ed Advice They Got In School


“They gave each person a bunch of skittles of one color. Then you were supposed to shake hands with 5 other kids and swap one skittle when you did, so you end up with skittles of various colors. Then at the end, they said, ‘Hand shaking was sex, and the skittles are STDs. Yellow is HIV, red is gonorrhea, etc (they gave each skittle a disease). Look how many STDs you have after having sex 5 times.’ Then we all ate the skittles. Not sure where that fit into the mediocre analogy.” — abeth


“I basically had the same sex ed they gave in Mean Girls. The whole ‘Condoms don’t work, pills don’t guarantee 100%. So if you have sex, you WILL get pregnant.'” — ImInJeopardy


“I knew this genius at school from the football team who I once heard saying, ‘Yeah so if you finish inside a girl try your hardest to pee in her, the acidity of pee will kill the sperm.’ Fortunately we were in anatomy class and my teacher heard it too, she gave us a quick and actual sex Ed class right there and then.” — ephemeralburrito


“I’m 24 and when I was a freshman in high school my health teacher legit told us that women could get pregnant by just sleeping naked next to a man. She told us of her best friend who ‘never had sex, but kissed and hugged a man naked’ and got pregnant. I mentioned my age because that kind of bat shit crazy take on sex ed seemed outdated to us and it was relatively recent. It was a public school too btw.” — Devo43evo


“I had no sex education. Not from parents or school. Our school’s excuse for sex ed was a one hour presentation where the girls and boys were separated. Girls were taught about periods, what an std was and how pregnancy happens. Nothing about actual sex. Nothing about men’s bodies. Nothing about safe sex. Nothing about birth control. I had never heard of a clitoris until i was 14. Thank God for the internet, seriously I don’t know what I would have done.” — TheTattooedWhore


“When I was homeschooled my mom told me that masturbating caused cancer because you’d be too aggressive to your ball sack due to ‘the motion.’ I feel bad for my father now.” — Anuttydeku


“Wrap it twice, just as nice.” — maleorderbride


“When I was in middle school an 8th grader told me that men have a set number of sperm so if I masturbated too much I’d never have kids.” — WesleyPatterson


“We had an abstinence educator talk to my 10th grade class about some activities that didn’t involve vaginal intercourse…some kid in the back of the room recommended anal. It was all over at that point.” — godbullseye


“‘Men are completely incapable of controlling themselves.’ Made it sound to everyone that we had no control over are bodies, thoughts or actions and that we spray urine and semen at everything that crosses our path.” — –AnotherUser–

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