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This Girl’s Mom Accidentally Posted Pics Of Her B00bs While Trying To Sell Furniture Online

Being able to easily sell your stuff to complete strangers who may or may not be serial killers is all part of the magic that is THE INTERNET.

Just snap a pic. Upload it. Set a price and BOOM, you’re in business.

Oh, but one small trick to remember: try not to accidentally post pics of your boobs for all the world to see. 

Recently, Twitter user Sophie Eke‘s mom was selling a dresser and forgot that little trick.

Here’s how the exchange with a potential customer went, according to Sophie:

After which Sophie’s mom did what any mom would do, ask her tech-savvy daughter for advice.

Now, it’s a bit F’d up that Sophie shared the pic with Twitter, but hey, that’s between her and her mom. We’re just here to report on funny stuff.

Naturally, since the tweet got 100K likes, people had fun in the comments:

Oh and in case you’re one of those people who wants to see the original, uncensored, just zoom in here:

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