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18 Times Clueless People Embarrassed Themselves By Not Knowing Who They’re Talking To

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as watching a clueless know-it-all stumble into a situation where they embarrass themselves.

The only more rewarding is when they manage to get called out by someone whose expertise is so unquestionable that they’re left with no choice but to slink away in embarrassment.

We’ve collected some examples of the least clued-in people who still seem to think they’re experts getting called out by those very experts. You love to see it.

1. Oof

2. “No need to lie”

3. “Never heard of you”

4. The authors don’t understand themselves

5. Book thief caught

6. A LADY doctor???

7. Batwriter schools know-it-all

8. LOL owned

9. Sorry Mrs. Musk!

10. Ah, well then

11. Young Stubb

12. That’s a pretty good reason to care

13. Foot, meet mouth

14. That’s a lotta trophies

15. Joel Sherman is like the #1 Scrabble expert in the world

16. My man got taken to school in both physics and cooking

17. Marcel Kiefer is a top F1 driver

18. SungWon Cho has 3.7 million YouTube subscribers

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