20 Times People Got Stabbed In The Back By Their Own Friends

11. The WTF

In 7th grade she wrote a 10 page letter on all the reasons I should kill myself, and had all but one of my friends sign in agreement after I confided in her that I felt like something was wrong with me (early undiagnosed depression – go figure).

The day she gave it to me was arguably the worst day of my life at the point because my parents told my sister and I that they were considering divorce, and my grandmother died. – HidingWhoIAm5683

12. The BJ Beggar

My best friend begged my girlfriend to give him a blowjob. That was pretty brutal. Fuck you, Ben. – Real_AlbusDumbledore

13. The Party Poopers

Just happened today actually. I threw a housewarming party for myself and invited 20ish friends/family over. Its been 5 1/2 hours and no one has shown up or bothered to call. I specified no gifts and supplied about $250 worth of food/drinks that’ll go to waste now. –  tljay

14. The Literal Backstabber

He thought the kunai I had in my room, was fake and threw it to my back lmao –SpectralChris

15. The Grudge

A friend stole my Mortal Kombat 2 strategy guide in 3rd grade. I never forgave him. Eat shit, Cameron. Doodoo head. – Fl1ntIronstag

16. Mommy Issues

My mother told me she was sick of being with dad. She told me a bunch of things he’d done which made her afraid of him. She asked me to tell a few of her close friends about how she was being treated, because she wanted them to understand why she was leaving.

Then she decided to stay with him. So she told her friends that she had no idea what was wrong with me, but they should pray for me because it looked like I was going through something.

My own mother stabbed me in the back. – tallavery

17. The Unforgivable Accusation

He accused me of sexually assaulting his younger sister who was basically my little sister too, at the time. It’s completely false and it’s the most mind boggling thing that’s ever happened to me. – DJaay11

18. The Uninvited

Friend told me they weren’t doing anything for their birthday.

On the day of their birthday, photos appeared on Facebook of them out with the rest of our friends.

They’re not my friends anymore. – Dio_Dragon

19. The Greatest Betrayal

My wife said she needed some time for herself so she went to stay at her mom’s for a while. One day I went to pick up my kids and walked in on her and my best friend having sex.

Turns out it had been going on for a while and she knew him before she knew me (which I had no clue about). – LonesomeHebrew

20. The Serial Pisser

I had a college roommate who had been a high school best friend. He was sometimes a dick, particularly when he was drunk. One night we had both been drinking. I’m not exactly sure what was said, but he left the room, and apparently went and peed on my bed. He then left the room and went to a mutual friend’s dorm. I went and watched my sheets and flipped my mattress over, then poured a bunch of water all over his bed and put a nice looking lump of peanut butter on his pillow (I couldn’t bring myself to actually piss or shit on his stuff). Then, I went to our friend’s place where folks were hanging out.

He had this sly look on his face when I came in and he made a comment about pissing on my bed. I told him that he was a dumbass for doing that and then leaving the dorm with his room unlocked. The look on his face flipped in a second and he ran out of there. I had locked my door, so I had a good laugh about it and brushed it off.

When I went back to my room later, I discovered that he had gotten into my room. (I later found out he had gone to an RA, told them he lived in my room and was locked out, and they unlocked my door for him and left him alone. WTF.) He peed on my bed (again), peed on my cell phone, peed on my computer, and peed in a bottle of adderal (that I had a prescription for). Hundreds of dollars of damage.

But that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was that, while I was dealing with the fallout, he was hanging out with our mutual friends and a group of girls we were all friendly with. I don’t know what he told them, but none of them would even speak to me afterward. They wouldn’t even tell me why they weren’t speaking to me. He decided that he was just going to ignore me and our mutual friend/roomate and pretend we didn’t exist for the rest of the year. He poisoned my relationship with high school friends, and new college friends, and after an evening in which he did the most vile shit I have ever experienced. And I couldn’t even bring myself to piss on his bed.

He has reached out to me over the 15 or so years since then. In big groups I can be polite, but this is the only person I have ever not been able to forgive. To rub salt in the wound, he is still friends with a girl I was crushing on at the time, and who I know had been attracted to me as well. She was a part of the group that never spoke to me again, and it has to be because of a lie he told her.

Also, he continued to leverage the relationship he had developed with a relative of mine who was kind of a big deal at the university and in the town. My relative would tell us to get together and work things out, and I would say I can’t do that and ask him to cut off contact. He thought we were just in a spat or something, and kept trying to be a mediator. While continuing to help my “friend” and get him into programs at the school, and jobs afterward.

Stopping here because this is long, but obviously this has opened the wound for me.

Tl;DR: Former best friend peed on a bunch of my things, then managed to have an entire group of friends turn on me, ruining important friendships. Still don’t know how that last part happened. – trustworthysauce

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