baby yoda

Baby Yoda Makes An Appearance In The New Star Wars Series And Ow, My Ovaries

The new streaming service Disney+ has a large variety of media, but one of the most seductive options for Star Wars fans is a new series called The Mandalorian. The show is basically about a bounty hunter wandering the desert planets we are so familiar with from the franchise, but in his care is an itty bitty baby. And that itty bitty baby is clearly Yoda-related, and he is absolutely adorable:

This infant is technically 50-years-old, maybe because it takes Yodas awhile to fully mature? The ancient, wizened version of Yoda is also adorable, so seeing a tiny child version in the care of a gunslinging loner is really ratcheting up the adorableness. In a word hungry for good pure things to stan, Baby Yoda has become king. He’s immediately turned into a meme on Twitter, but the meme is just people professing their undying love for him:

And making fan art:

And talking in his language, which sounds a lot like baby talk come to think of it:

People are arguing a bit about whether or not this is really a version of Yoda, or of his species. But does it really matter who he is when he’s this cute? Just give him to me and let me raise him!

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