Yes, The Baby Yoda Merch We Crave Will Be Here In Time For The Holidays

When Disney+ started, we had no idea that The Mandalorian would hit the cultural landscape so hard. Watching bounty hunter Dyn Jarren traverse the familiar landscape of the Star Wars universe was pretty cool. But then Baby Yoda (not technically Yoda but a creature of what appears to be the same species, okay????) appeared. 

And he stole all our hearts immediately:

And folks immediately began thinking about how they could get one, besides somehow giving birth to a fictional alien creature:

Maybe under the Christmas tree?

Some thought they’d have to build a Baby Yoda of their own:

Obviously, Disney was going to do produce something for the masses in love with Baby Yoda. The question was simply when:

Well, the time is now!! CNBC reports that the reason Baby Yoda wasn’t released along with other merch for The Mandalorian is that the showrunners didn’t want its surprise appearance to be ruined. If you saw a baby Yoda for sale without context you’d have a lot of questions, and Star Wars fans love digging up every detail about their favorite topic. 

Baby Yoda merch “accessories” will be on sale shortly, maybe even as soon as Friday, according to someone at the company, and be on sale almost everywhere— Amazon, Zazzle, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Hot Topic and Box Lunch, as well as Disney Store, ShopDisney and at the Disney Parks. There are already several shirts on Amazon:

Amazon via Disney/Lucasfilm

Get a Mandalorian Baby Yoda Long Sleeve T-Shirt on Amazon for $27.50

baby yoda merch

Amazon via Disney/Lucasfilm

Or a short-sleeve Baby Yoda t-shirt for $22.99:

baby yoda merch

Amazon via Disney/Lucasfilm

They’re saying there will be “presales” on plush dolls and other toys in the coming weeks, with no clear shipment date, which is a little worrisome. You might have to go find a Baby Yoda and stuff it yourself if you want to guarantee the perfect gift for the holidays.

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