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Adam Levine’s New Cornrow Mohawk Has Everyone Worried About Him

There are clearly many benefits to being famous, but it’s also probably very stressful to constantly be in the public eye.

Many celebrities eventually have some sort of public breakdown or an intense need to withdraw.

That’s understandable and normal. It’s a lot of pressure. That said, the Internet is worried about Adam Levine.

Pictures recently surfaced of a new look Adam Levine is sporting that involves a half head shave and cornrows.

In some pics, it looks like the cornrows are bleached. Levine has had a mohawk for a few months, originally debuting it on The Voice to mixed reviews. His new cornrow look is an alarming development to many:

Levine left The Voice in May. Is it possible that he doesn’t have enough to do with his time anymore? Please, give him a job, NBC!

Anything to stop this horror:

It’s too much for both his fans and his enemies to take:

It’s even more horrifying from the front:

Usually, when a white celebrity appears in cornrows, there’s an extended conversation about cultural appropriation, but I haven’t seen much of that online yet. Possibly because no one wants to suggest this haircut has anything to do with their culture?

How could this possibly get worse? Maybe he’ll add a small cowboy hat. I just hope he’s okay.

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