Barack Obama Finally Weighed In On Whether Or Not “Die Hard” Is A Christmas Movie

Every year, the debate around one classic action flick rages again as people ask: is Die Hard a Christmas movie? People want to know if the film, which centers around a cop getting caught up in a terrorist plot after attending his estranged wife’s work party, counts as a Christmas movie.

It does take place around the holiday season, and the work party is a Christmas party. There’s Christmas music, a tree, and lots of themes around family connection. It makes sense that people might suspect it belongs in the same category of It’s a Wonderful Life. Or maybe they just really, really love arguing about it:

Do we really need an answer? Maybe it’s more fun to fight about it every year, the same way we repeat fights with our family members around the dinner table.

Jimmy Fallon wasn’t satisfied with this cycle and tried t get a definitive answer. Who would the public trust? Well, since he had former president Barack Obama on The Tonight Show, he took the opportunity to ask him. Tell us Mr. President, is Die Hard a Christmas movie?!

“No,” said Obama. “It’s A Wonderful Life is a Christmas movie. A Charlie Brown Christmas is a Christmas movie. Die Hard is an action flick that happens to involve, tangentially, Christmas.”

He’s not afraid to say what he thinks. Unfortunately, this declaration was not met with silence. There was an attempt at polling the public, and the numbers for Obama’s opinion weren’t good:

And at least one other world leader, Justin Trudeau, openly disagreed:

Thanks a lot, Jimmy Fallon, for provoking an international incident over Die Hard. My personal opinion is that Die Hard is a copaganda movie that is also a Christmas movie, because at the end that police officer is given the gift of being able to draw his gun on people again. Just what Jesus would want. Merry Christmas!

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