billie eilish boobs

Billie Eilish Posts Pic Of Big Boobs To Instagram, Loses 100k Followers

Apparently, Billie Eilish loves boobs. 

That’s great! Boobs are pretty spectacular.

But Billie Eilish’s love for boobs just lost her a bunch of followers on Instagram.

Her response? Shrug.

Grammy-winning singer Eilish—one of the most followed personalities on Instagram—ost about 100,000 followers after posting a drawing she made of some boobs and a snake and a snake twisting around a woman’s torso.

They are fun drawings you’d make in the margins of your notebook during Math class in high school.

And they were in response to a viral Instagram challenge called “Post a Photo Of.” She posted “a drawing you’re really proud of.”

billie eilish boobs

They are not going to get her into a museum, obviously, but have you been to a museum? Maybe because of COVID-19, you have understandably stayed away from our institutions of art. But let me remind you: there are SO MANY BOOBS in the Metropolitan. Everywhere you go, a set in your face! 

Eilish, who is known for her green hair and unisex, baggy clothing, has had to deal with a lot of body shaming from critics on social media. She’s been shamed for basically having a body and has addressed the aggravating trolls in videos and on her social media accounts. My favorite was when she wore a bathing suit in Hawaii and people lost their damn minds! 

People on social media shook their heads trying to figure out why pictures of boobs would have caused the mass exodus: 

19-year-old Eilish was amused by the loss of followers: “LMFAOOO y’all babies smh,” she posted on her Instagram stories.

I mean, babies love boobs. So maybe not the best comparison.

Of course, all of this begs the question: where can I see Billie Eilish’s boobs?

The singer has been somewhat standoffish about her body, but here are some popular pictures of her naturally big, you know…

billie eilish boobs cover of vogue
Instagram/British Vogue

billie eilish clevage instagram

billie eilish tits showing

billie eilish clevage pool

You’re welcome.

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