Woman Kicked Off Flight Because Her Boobs Are Too “Lewd, Obscene, And Offensive”

Whenever I take an airplane, I wear pajamas. I don’t care where I’m going.

Soft, roomy pants and a loose shirt with a cozy sweater in case it’s cold (it’s always cold). The comfiest sneakers. When people talk about how we should dress up nicely to go on an airplane, I give them a death stare. Don’t police my clothing, let me look like a slob at the airport. 


But what if the airline shamed your choice of attire as well as your body?

That’s what one woman experienced when she attempted to board her flight with Southwest Airlines. Twitter user @UziSuzy or Kayla Eubanks.

She posted that an agent from the airline tried to prevent her from getting on her flight because of her cleavage. 


In a series of tweets, Eubanks showed how the agent wouldn’t allow her to board, stating there was a company policy saying she no one could wear an outfit that’s “lewd, offensive, or obscene.” However, the agent could not locate the actual policy. 

In the video, Eubanks asked if she should have “left them at home,” while pointing to her breasts. She asks what they will do if she tries to fly again in a halter top, and they say “try it” in an unnecessarily threatening way.

The captain eventually ended up giving Eubanks a shirt so she could cover herself, but a lot of folks were angry about the racism and misogyny Eubanks experienced as a woman of color with large breasts. Like, you can’t tell me that if some scrawny white girl tried to get on the plane wearing the same outfit there would be a problem. 

Maybe the next time you get on a Southwest Flight, don’t look your best! Come on, I know those sweatpants are calling you. 

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