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17 Normal People Share Their *Alleged* Celebrity Sex Stories

There’s nothing more exciting or more pointless than celebrity sex stories.

It’s the intersection of the two things we can’t help but be obsessed with: Famous People and Love Making.

We all love gritty sex details and nothing makes it more riveting than when it involves these people we so desperately want to know everything about (even though we don’t actually know them).


Redditor u/yes-i-really-did-it wanted to live the celeb sex fantasy vicariously when asking the people of Reddit: “People who have had sex with celebrities, how was it?”

And much like real-life sex, the results range from satisfying to very disappointing to even a bit confusing. Warning: These are sex stories so it gets a little raunchy from here on out.


These celeb sex stories are from Reddit, so take them with a grain of salt.

1. Leonardo Dicaprio

“Knew someone who slept with Leonardo DiCaprio. Apparently he kept his headphones on the entire time.” –Mystroh

“Doggy style? This rumor is everywhere. I want to know what he’s listening to!” –WhoriaEstafan

2. Derek Jeter

“I knew a girl who was an escort. She had sex with Derek Jeter. Afterwards he called a limo to take her home. In the limo was a gift. It was a baseball signed by Derek Jeter.” –tootallbones

3. Shaggy

“Back in the 00s, a mate of mine used to fuck Shaggy every time he would come to Melbourne. I think he probably made 2-3 trips down here. We’d all make a big deal about her disappearing for a few days to shag Shaggy. She had nothing but nice things to say about him – she knew she was nothing but a bit of side poon when he was in town.” –Heater79

4. Twigger Ramerez

“Ex fucked Twiggy Ramirez (of Marilyn Manson) around 2000 or so after a show. Apparently it was alright, his dick was huge, but it was over quick and then he kicked her to the curb right after to do coke or something. And yes, she was underage.” –noodlyarms

5. Jeff Goldblum

“A friend was part of an actor’s studio/playhouse in the 80’s. She said Jeff Goldblum has a huge dick and is an amazing lover. They did it a few times but he let her down easy because his career was taking off and he was crazy busy. He was really cool and remembered her years later.” –IWillDoItTuesday

6. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin was also hung but was super hairy and sweated A LOT. Like, it was dripping into her mouth. It was too hard to ignore the sweatiness for her to enjoy it. But he was hilarious, very bright and smelled good.” –IWillDoItTuesday

7. POst Malone

“Post Malone asked my ex girlfriend if she would be interested in going home with him under the condition that she would have to eat his ass.” –jayfreddy96

8. Zach Efron

“Knew a girl who fucked Zach Efron. Had to sign an NDA. Told me he wasn’t all that great in bed, ie: the fantasy was better than the reality. Still fan-boyed over him hard apparently.” –ItsBoomBoomTime

9. Michael Jordan

“On a trip to Vegas, one of my friends F’d Michael Jordan. She said it was painful and fairly fast. She won’t EVER stop talking about it.” –reditcard

10. Jason Acuna

“A girl I went to high school with dated Jason Acuña (aka Wee Man) shortly before Jackass 3 came out. He visited her family in WI around Thanksgiving time, but he hated WI so much that he paid her best friend to drive him to the airport in the middle of the night.” –Ouisconsing

11. Tiger Woods

“Friend of mine met Tiger Woods while bartending a golf charity tournament he was attending.

He took her back to his hotel room and tossed her salad and had unprotected sex.

This was several years before he crashed into a mailbox and divorced his wife.”


12. Chris Evans

“A co-worker’s sister slept with Chris Evans before he was famous (same town). She worked it into every conversation she could. Cos why wouldn’t you.” –perfruit_mix

“She got America’s dick.” –thatlldo-pig


13. David Lee Roth

“My mom had sex with David Lee Roth, she said he smelled like sour milk and put his dirty hat on her head.” –madiison1461

14. Paul Wesley

“A friend of mine had sex with Paul Wesley. She said it was pretty good. He also took her on a short getaway trip. Seemed like a very nice guy. Ended up getting her a gift candle that was the scent of his cologne so she can remember him.” –GrannyAinge

15. G Eazy

“Girl I know slept with G Eazy in 2015 before he was really big…he gave her chlamydia. Lmao.” –delidoll

“Hey, I went to college with someone who got chlamydia from G Eazy! Small world!” –tosh_pt_2

16. Christopher Walken

“In the 80’s, a friend of mine slept with Christopher Walken. He was in town for one night and told her that’s all they’d have. She was fine with that. She said he was a perfect gentleman and a very sweet lover. He kept telling her how beautiful she was and made her feel like a queen.” –irishspice

17. Jared Leto

“One of my best friends met Jared Leto at a concert (not 30 seconds to Mars) and went back to his hotel with him. They banged, and he’s since texted her for a booty call when he was in town again. I believe they also sext on occasion.” –khaleesistits

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