Chrissy Teigen Paired Up With Kris Jenner And She Sees Your Mad Tweets

People are always mad at Chrissy Teigen about something and it definitely seems to get her down, even when she’s being defiant about it on Twitter.

They’re mad about her horse riding, her accidental $13,00 bottle of wine, and her topless photos.

While Chrissy Tegen is definitely living a rich lady lifestyle, so are a whole lot of other rich ladies. Even the famous ones tend to draw only a fraction of the ire and negativity she does for doing the same stuff.

In an interview with Today, Teigen told them it’s “pretty much everything.”

“Any time I post a picture of them holding ribs or eating sausage, I get a lot of criticism,” she said as an example. “Vegans and vegetarians are mad and feel that we’re forcing meat upon them at a young age. They freak out.”

“The comments affect me,” she added. “Of course.”

She attracted even more comments this week after announcing a partnership with Kris Jenner and their new line of plant-based cleaning products:

If there is someone who gets more backlash than Chrissy Teigen, it’s going to be somebody with the last name “Jenner” or “Kardashian.”

People were pissed off at this announcement, even those who claimed to be fans:

One person ended up pissing off Chrissy Teigen enough to get a quote-RT and they’ve since deleted their tweet, but it read:

@ashlyboBASHly @chrissyteigen @getsafely @KrisJenner not to mention their faces are pumped full of the ” toxins” they’re so worried about/ any greenwashing marketing gibberish is completely off set by their home’s carbon footprint & weekend private jet trips to get to kris’ palm springs pad. #gross

In response, Teigen wrote, “You guys are truly just f—king mean. I’ll never get over it.”

Teigen also tweeted that she knows she makes everyone mad all the time:

Teigen’s line will probably do well, based on how everyone named Jenner is doing. The haters can stay mad.