Chrissy Teigen Responds To Critics Who Slammed Her Horseback Riding Tweet

Chrissy Teigen shares much of her life on the internet.

She has been very open about what it means to be a celebrity

She talked about her breast implants

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Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

She shared video of herself getting a COVID test

And when she miscarried her third child, Teigen shared intimate details and photos of the tragic experience.

Since then, she’s talked a lot about recovering from that loss, especially depression caused by grief.

Teigen shares happy stuff, too.

On Saturday, Chrissy Teigen posted about how she had decided to take up horseback riding with a picture of her horse.

My therapist says I need something that I do for just me, as I have absolutely nothing currently lol,” she wrote. “Today begins my journey into the horse world. I hope this dude likes me he’s so handsome and appears lazy, I love.”

While the model and cookbook author is beloved by friends because of her friendly personable style of Twitter communication, she has sometimes been accused of having a bit of obliviousness when it comes to her own wealth. For example, posting about how many AirPods her mom regularly loses like it was a funny joke and not hundreds of dollars in the toilet. This tweet was taken in the same way.

Teigen is a millionaire, with two beautiful children, married to John Legend, and she has “absolutely nothing currently”?

People were pretty offended to be reading that in the middle of a pandemic when unemployment is skyrocketing. They told her so:

The criticism did reach Teigen, and she offered a bit more of an explanation.

She felt her tweet was misinterpreted. She didn’t mean she has nothing, she meant she has no hobbies or things she does just for herself, and her therapist thought finding something would help her recover from her loss.

She also clarified that she didn’t buy a horse, and that though she did include her family in her brand new solo hobby, she’s working on that:

Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

If you have the means to ride a horse now for your mental health, that seems like a fine thing to do. It’s not too surprising though that people who don’t have the means to do anything for their mental health are set off by a tweet about it.

In any case, the critical comments are far, far outweighed by people posting selfies with their horses and encouraging Teigen’s new hobby. Are horses more affordable than we think?!