Gene Simmons Puts Ice Cubes In His Cereal Because, Apparently, This Is A Thing People Do

Musician Gene Simmons thinks of himself as a provocateur and basically has ever since he came on the scene in leather and full face make up with the band Kiss. He also likes to provoke with his absurd sexism that has been aggravating fans, employees, and reporters for decades. A man famous for how far out he can stick his tongue thinks he can treat people any way he wants and he’s so bad he got banned from Fox News. FOX. NEWS.

But on the very first day of 2020, Simmons blew all his past scandals right out of the water with a tweet that shook the nation. Simmons posted pictures to Twitter about how he enjoys his cereal. Some milk, some Chex…and a couple of ice cubes.

“Anyone else put ice cubes in their cereal?” he asked, like it was an ordinary question.

Look, cold milk with cereal is the best, there’s no denying that. It was his methods that had people freaking out. There are so many other ways to achieve this simple goal.

But amongst the people freaking out were a lot of folks who were somewhat inspired, or who admitted to having done this exact thing themselves. You never know what sicks minds are living amongst you:

A few people neither confirmed nor denied their own use of ice cubes in milk, but did contribute with lots of joke pics of their own cereal bowls at home:

In fact, writer Julian Epp noted on Twitter that rich people generally don’t seem to understand how cereal works, pointing to Howard Schultz, Donald Trump, and Kylie Jenner as examples.


According to Simmons, TMZ asked him about the ice cubes, and? “It keeps the milk ice cold…”


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But so does ice-cold milk? Whatever.

The person I’m most concerned about here is Gene Simmon’s kid:

Hopefully, he won’t take after his father, but it may already be too late.

More weird food habits: