Woman Compares Food Ingredients In The U.S. And U.K. And We’re Eating Straight Garbage Over Here

Food and health blogger Vani Hari has made it her mission to investigate the contents of the food we eat. On her website Food Babe she’s posted some helpful (and upsetting) graphics comparing the US and UK versions of the same food products by their ingredients. You can probably guess which country is doing it better.

The first thing you notice upon comparing the ingredient lists of simple foods like oatmeal and ketchup side by side is how much longer the list of ingredients is for American products.

Food Babe

That’s never a good thing as those unpronounceable ingredients are generally preservatives, artificial colors, anti-caking agents etc….in other words, not food.    

Compare “Artificial Strawberry Flavor” to “Strawberry Pieces.”

There’s also that sticky sweet American tradition of adding high fructose corn syrup to every damn thing instead of sugar. 

Food Babe

Christ, even their Mountain Dew is healthier than ours. But can you really quench your thirst without…uh…Brominated Vegetable Oil?

Food Babe

Kasey Birch shared the disturbing side-by-sides on Facebook. It’s truly unsettling that we go through our days consuming foods that contain all sorts of alien compounds that we have no understanding of.

Are we going to talk about this yet???Want to talk about how the same thing’s happening with personal care products? Real Life Wellness

Posted by Kacey Birch on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

This includes synthetic food dyes in the US versus natural food coloring in the UK as evidenced by these Kraft mac and cheese ingredients. If you know what all of these ingredients are without Googling you should win a prize.

Sodium tripolyphosphate anyone? Mmmm.

And if you need yet another reason not to eat at Chick-Fil-A, the Food Babe has a nice rundown of their chicken sandwich’s whopping list of 55 ingredients…..exactly one of which is chicken.

Food Babe

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