Does Popeyes, Chick-Fil-A, Or Wendy’s Have The Best Chicken Sandwich? Twitter Feud Ensues

Being a decent person means making all sorts of complicated decisions, especially when you’re hungry.

Which fast-food chain has the best chicken sandwich? Will you buy a chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A? Or will you buy a chicken sandwich at Popeyes?

Which one is more delicious? Which one will contribute to the deterioration of human rights? It’s a pretty tough call and Twitter is freaking out over it.

Twitter moments has everyone arguing over who has the crispiest crust, the moistest meat, the tangiest dressing, and the softest buns. They also have people pretty divided over the ethics of buying from Chick-fil-A, because the company’s owner regularly contributes money to Donald Trump and organizations that support homophobia and are openly anti-LGBTQ.

It seems like most people don’t care. I guess folks are happier to quit a gym membership over their beliefs than give up fried chicken.

The arguments have quickly gotten pretty spicy:

Most enormous companies can be traced to someone really rich and conservative, so maybe it makes more sense to judge this contest on flavor rather than morality. In that case, why not open the floor?

A few other fried chicken sandwich makers threw their hats in the ring or were nominated. Some received less support than others:

That vegan chicken sandwich is embarrassing. You’re under no obligation to eat meat, but please stay out of this. Boston Market also entered the race, but people just dunked on them over and over again. Their specialty is ROTISSERIE which is an entirely different argument:

What else have we all learned from #ChickenSandwichTwitter? I have learned that people love to argue about what tastes good in their own mouths, even though they have no idea what it tastes like to other people. I’ve learned that no one cares how the chicken gets made (metaphorically).

And I’ve learned there are about three thousand places to buy a chicken sandwich in America, so there’s really no reason to buy from a bad chain to begin with. I’ve also learned what I am having for lunch because this fight gave me a very intense craving for fried fowl.

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