Tweet About Recommended A/C Temps Sparks Heated Debate On Twitter

It’s almost the end of August. Tempers and temperatures are high. All it takes is one little report on saving money with regulated air conditioner use and everyone loses their mind.

A reporter named Jennifer Titus shared what should have been a simple public interest story on cutting costs and she became public enemy number one on Twitter. (Don’t we have fried chicken sandwiches to scream at each other about? Leave this woman alone!)

The recommendations are:

78° F when you’re home

85° F when you’re at work or away

82° F when you’re sleeping

The data Titus is quoting comes from Consumer Reports, not her own personal preferences. Electricity bills get much higher in summer as we all hide in our homes trying to stay cool in front of the A/C. The temperatures they recommended were for central air, and they’re getting their info from Energy Star, a joint federal program run by the DOE and the EPA. These are temperatures that are supposed to keep your bills low, as well as your body temp.

Again, keep in mind that this is a compromise temperature—one that is bearable, yet cheap. It’s not meant to be comfortable, necessarily. It’s also not mandatory! But people reacted like Titus was setting fire to their house.

For someone who was basically called both a baby and dog killer, Titus had a sense of humor about the Internet dust-up. She shared the actual report and a video of herself messing with the thermostat.

She also shared a piece of insane hate mail she received over her tweet, reminding everyone she didn’t write the report, actually:

And even if she did, she’s not actually going to come into your house while you’re sleeping and touch your thermostat. Relax, everybody. You’re too hot to handle.

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