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Jason Momoa Transforms Into A Balding, Lanky Old Guy In Unsettling Super Bowl Ad

Super Bowl commercials have become just about as big of a deal as the games during which they’re featured. As such, we always end up getting some of the best—and some of the strangest—commercials of the year during game time. And this year definitely had something so bizarre, the internet is thoroughly shaken.

An ad for Rocket Mortgage opened with actor Jason Momoa driving towards home, plagued by paparazzi.

“What does home mean to me?” he asks the camera. “It’s my sanctuary.”


He continues, taking off his shoes: “It’s the one place I can let my guard down. It’s where I can just kick back and be totally comfortable in my own skin.”

And it’s with the mention of skin that everything starts to go crazy. The Aquaman actor, known for his muscular, tattooed physique LITERALLY TAKES OFF HIS ARM MUSCLES.

Presumably, Momoa says more words after that, but it’s impossible to focus on anything else as he continues his horrific actions, ripping off his abs and his long, luscious locks of hair until he becomes a lanky, aged shell of a man, plucking at guitar strings.

A subsequent scene shows him struggling to lift even a skinny stick as wife Lisa Bonet has to one-handedly come to his rescue.

Super Bowl commercials very often make no discernible since, but this one left the Twitterverse actively reeling.

Seriously, we are never going to be able to look at Aquaman the same way again.

But…the point of Super Bowl commercials IS to get everyone talking about them the next day, after all.

So with that in mind, you win this one, Rocket Mortgage. But at what cost? At what cost…

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