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Twitter Is Canceling Joe Exotic Over N-Word Video

If you’re reading this and haven’t heard of the Netflix hit Tiger King, I really want to know how. It seems impossible to have an Internet connection and escape any mention of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, two big cat owners in Florida whose rivalry has captivated the literally captive audiences across America this week.

There’s plenty of stuff in this documentary that will have you screaming, including the implication that Baskin has fed at least one husband to a tiger, but people were still shocked by footage that shows Joe Exotic claiming he can say the N-word. He’s white, for the record.

Twitter user @InThierry posted a clip that Know Your Meme says comes from a JoeExoticTV YouTube video made before the documentary in late 2015 called “Joe Exotic’s Message to Donald Trump Day 29.” It features a political rant from Mr. Exotic in which he stands in a tiger cage, and natural he got into race relations.

“I can’t say the N-word, but you can get on YouTube, and watch any Black man’s rap video, and they’re calling each other the N-word. What the hell, is this discrimination? I’m white, I can’t say the N-word?” he rants. 

I don’t know what Joe Exotic expected Trump to do about this, though I’m guessing Trump says the N-word a whole lot in private and certain smaller public events.

Some people seem to be shocked and horrified by this resurfaced clip, including former Tiger King stan Cardi B, who posted the clip with the caption, “Ooooo heeeeiiiiillllllllll naaawwww …….Feed him to the lions immediately.

As a nation, we’ve clearly gotten more comfortable with feeding people to animals and we have Tiger King to thank for that. Joe Exotic is obviously wrong and the white person obsession with getting to say the N-word whenever they want is as racist and cliched as ever. That said…not many people are that surprised by this reveal:

On the other hand, some did point out that the man clearly understands consequences. Because he does not say it in his rant about wanting to say it, does he?

In conclusion, Joe Exotic is a fascinating character study, a self-admitted racist, no one is surprised by this info, and he knows if he does say the N-word in future, he will likely get his ass beat.  Now can we do something about the animal abuse?

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