TikTokers Are Trolling North West’s Account By Asking About Pete Davidson

North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s 8-year-old daughter, has recently joined the jungle that is TikTok on a joint account with her mom.

What does North West have to say on TikTok? Well, she dances with Kim, shares her favorite products, and documents play dates with her cousins.

And there’s Hungry, Hungry Hippos. You know, kid stuff.

In a short time, North has already gotten millions of followers. But many are using her online space to troll her mom.

Questions about Pete Davidson, whom Kardashian is dating, abound. Because, I mean, in fairness, why Pete Davidson?

“North baby was there a tall white guy at Thanksgiving?” one user asked.

Others are asking North if she knows how to do a “wire transfer” or use Zello.

They also ask her to find her mom’s credit card and share the number.

The comments are tongue-in-cheek, but honestly? Let the kid have fun.

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Featured Image: TikTok

Patricia Grisafi

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