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Yes, O.J. Simpson Has Joined TikTok Just Like Everyone Else

You’ve probably noticed that quarantine has driven people to extremes. For instance, grown adults have flocked to TikTok, an app for teens to post dances in giant living rooms on. TikTok is very fun and I understand the compulsion. But have things gone too far? Before you answer, here’s the news: O.J. Simpson is also on TikTok. 

He is posting under a handle that isn’t his actual name, probably because there’s already a 15-year-old somewhere sitting on the handle. But it’s definitely him and he is definitely trying to jump on all the trends that are popular on the video app. For instance, this clip in which he performs all the same boring tasks to pass the time as most people are doing in lockdown, like drinking, organizing his closet, and working out to the song “Bored in the House – Jeremy.”

O.J. Simpson… he’s just like us. Except for the whole thing about being convicted of double homicide in civil court and basically writing a book about killing Nicole. But he also watches Tiger King! Just like us!

It’s been proven true that in America, once you’re famous, it’s pretty hard to be knocked out of the public eye forever—even when you’re most famous for murder. O.J. Simpson already has over 20k followers on TikTok and almost a million on Twitter, where he also shared the video.

Hard to tell if they’re following him because they’re fans or to troll him though, which is a little bit of a relief. People lined up to make the same joke about Simpson’s foray into TikTok coolness:

It would probably be better for everyone if they just stopped commenting on anything he does. I sincerely doubt O.J. Simpson hasn’t heard it a by now—and he still has all the Lysol wipes and whiskey he needs to live another day in quarantine. He’s not hurting at all.

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