ryan reynolds responds to tweets, ryan reynolds gossip girl

Ryan Reynolds Is So Bored In Quarantine, He’s Responding To A Bunch Of Fan Tweets

Like many of us, Ryan Reynolds is sheltering in place and going slightly insane. Other people in this condition who also have Twitter accounts have been dealing with the isolation and boredom by sharing way too much on the Internet. Celebrities are no exception, unfortunately. Some of the celebrity content coming out of the pandemic will go down in history as the Ultimate Cringe. The rest of it only manages to be mildly amusing or kinda sexy.

Having refused to be sexy, Reynolds has instead turned to becoming a Reply Guy. He can’t stop commenting on or replying to everything from fans to random newscasts to his fellow celebs tweeting about their own stuff. The fans are thrilled, but I am wondering if the people who know him have checked in to see if he’s okay? No one should be tweeting this much.

Some of it seems to be to promote his gin company, which he is very good at, but a lot of these tweets have no clear purpose other than to keep a constant Twitter conversation going.

You know what, I get it. The quarantine will turn us all into Reply Guys before this is over. And any of us would be very lucky to have Ryan Reynolds in our mentions.










ryan reynolds responds to tweets, ryan reynolds gossip girl