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Ryan Reynolds Is Offering Some, Uh, Interesting Gifts In Exchange For Medical Supplies

People all over the world are struggling with how to save everyone who needs treatment from COVID-19. Doctors and nurses are being overworked and in the U.S., they are under-protected and running out of personal protective equipment or PPE. That means things like masks and gloves to help prevent the spread of the illness to health care workers who have the most exposure to confirmed cases. Getting these materials has been an ongoing issue for hospitals, as Donald Trump’s administration slows down and undermines the process.

But it’s a problem in Canada, too, the country that gave us heartthrob Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds isn’t a doctor, but he certainly has some clout. The man tried to leverage his resources on Sunday when he retweeted former Canadian hockey star Hayley Wickenheiser’s list of PPE needs for the front-line Toronto health care workers.

Wickenheiser promised jerseys and autographs to anyone who could offer up these critical supplies. Inspired by that, Reynolds made all sorts of promises about personalized videos, Deadpool bobbleheads, and even acknowledging that he once starred in the Green Lantern:

He shared the same message on Instagram, along with a picture of someone shopping in scuba gear for protection:


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Reynolds likes to joke about the Green Lantern and the former, horrifying iteration of Deadpool from earlier X-Men films. It even came up in Deadpool 2:

It’s generous of Reynolds to offer what he has to get these much-needed supplies, including embarrassing projects from his past. Hopefully, money is included on the list? 

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