“What Celebrity Death, In Your Lifetime, Hit You The Hardest?“—33 Tweets

2020 has arguably been the hardest year in recent history. We kicked the year off with fears of WW3 after President Trump ordered an airstrike against top General Qassem Soleimani of Iran. Then, of course, came coronavirus, murder hornets (which seem to have taken a back seat, for now, amen), severe weather events, the possibility of a parallel universe where time moves backwards, and the murders of multiple unarmed black men by law enforcement. 

And somewhere in between, we suffered an enormous loss: the death of NBA legend Kobe and Gianna Bryant, as well as 7 others. Maybe it is the unexpected loss of a superstar and his young daughter, or maybe it is the cloud of uncertainty and death hanging over America as a result of COVID-19 as well as the recent murders that resulted in the Black Lives Matter police brutality protests across the nation, but this question about sad celebrity deaths by Adina Howard on Twitter brought out tons of replies:

“What celebrity death, in your lifetime, hit you the hardest?” they recently asked.

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Here are some of the most-missed and devastating celebrity deaths people shared:

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