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Disney Plus Awkwardly Edited “Splash” To Cover Daryl Hannah’s Butt With Digital Fur

Remember Splash? The 1984 romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah is about a man who falls in love with a mermaid who eventually gets a brief amount of time to spend on land in order to make a decision on whether or not to stay or return to her underwater life. The movie is streaming on Disney Plus, but it looks a little…hairier than most of us remember.

Like most mermaids who come out of the sea and temporarily become human, Daryl Hannah’s character Madison does not have clothing but has long, voluminous hair that mostly-but-not-totally covers her butt. It’s mermaid protocol. 

Disney Plus decided that they did not want butts, so they edited Splash with digital fur technology. And their edits look ridiculous. 

Allison Pregler first pointed out the biggest edit in the film, which shows the addition of digital hair to completely cover Hannah’s behind as she dives into the ocean. It looks like she’s a reject from Cats


So much for “Disney Plus and thrust”

Folks are a bit bewildered, noting on social media that the edit is poorly done and would have probably been better left alone.

However, Bob Iger, who recently became Disney’s Executive Chairman after stepping down as CEO, has previously said that Disney Plus will be home to family-friendly programming. The butt scene may have been seen as inappropriate for children (even though their are still some pretty steamy scenes on Disney Plus).

Another major moment in the film that’s been changed in the Disney Plus version is when Madison first appears at the Statue of Liberty fully nude. She’s been blurred and edited. Disney Plus gave Splash a PG-13 rating even though the original received a PG rating (convince me that ratings are not arbitrary and given based on box office projections). 

So, in the quest to save children’s eyes from butts, we’ve given Daryl Hannah a “giant shag carpet for a butt,” as one Twitter user put it. Who’s really won this war?

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