Bumble Accidentally Blocked Sharon Stone's Account Because They Thought It Was Fake, sharon stone bumble

Bumble Accidentally Blocked Sharon Stone’s Account Because They Thought It Was Fake

Being a celebrity has a lot of benefits, but there are some downsides most of us normals probably don’t think about much. For one, how hard is it to get a date on a Friday night? I’ve always assumed that celebrities have some sort of expensive matchmaker who helps them find someone on their level. But that’s not how it works, apparently, especially when you’re Sharon Stone and no one is on your level.

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The actress tweeted at dating app Bumble to let them know that she’d been kicked off their platform because no one believed it was really her, writing, “I went on the @bumble dating sight and they closed my account.  Some users reported that it couldn’t possibly be me! Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary? Don’t shut me out of the hive.”

Damn. I never considered how hard it must be for Sharon Stone to get a not-weird date.

She also shared a screenshot of her blocked notification as proof:

The Internet could not believe it. For one, they all want to date Sharon Stone and the fact that she is single and looking sent a lot of people into apoplexy. There were a lot of horny replies:

There were also a number of people who were outraged on behalf of Sharon Stone, but also on behalf of all single people everywhere, who just realized even Sharon Stone can’t get a date.

But the most excited people of all were the higher-ups at Bumble, who realized this was a marketing opportunity that could not be passed up. Not only was Bumble trending, but everyone reading this thread would know they might end up swiping on Sharon Stone—as soon as she was reinstated:

So you see, no one is thirstier than a dating app is, not even the Reply Guys in Sharon’s mentions.

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