Artist Brings ‘The Office’ Characters To Life As A Disney Pixar Cartoons(25+ Pics)

A few months ago a Reddit thread from r/Midjourney went viral showcasing Midjourney AI’s renditions of characters from ‘The Office’ as Disney Pixar characters, and while those images are totally dope and worth checking out (here), I’m still old school and appreciate when an artist uses good old-fashioned artistic, you know, talent to draw something cool.

Brazilian graphic designer Evel Carneiro Nogueira recently share his personal, human-made design take on “The Office” characters reimagined in the iconic Pixar style, and I think he nailed it, minus all the abnormally big Pixar butts, which I’m kinda glad he didn’t do, but wouldn’t mind seeing Pam’s, no reason at all.

He made it through most of the characters through season 9, including Clark, so be sure to scroll to check all of them out.

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1. Michael Scott


2. Jim Halpert


3. Pam Beesley-Halpert


4. Dwight Schrute


5. Kevin Malone


6. Kelly Kapoor


7. Darryl Philbin


8. Creed Bratton

9. Ryan Howard

10. Oscar Martinez

11. Phyllis Vance

12. Stanley Hudson

13. Jan Levinson-Gould

14. Toby Flenderson

15. Angela Martin

16. Andy Bernard

17. Charles Miner

18. David Wallace

19. Pete Miller

20. Gabe Lewis

21. Meredith Palmer

22. Erin Hannon

23. Karen Filippelli

24. Jo Benett

25. Robert California

26. Todd Packer

27. Nellie Bertram

28. And finally, Clark.

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