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A Baby Yoda Snowman Is A Baby Snowda, And They’re Popping Up All Over The Place

Need a little cheering up this winter? Of course, you do. The days are shorter, it’s always freezing…and Baby Yoda is making an appearance whenever it snows! Yep, people are building Baby Yoda snowman (“Baby Snowda”) on lawns across wintry North America.

If you’re not entirely sure what Baby Yoda or Baby Snowda is…Baby Yoda is trending literally everywhere, largely because of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Of course, he’s not really a baby, per se (he’s fifty years old) and he’s not Yoda, either (but he is of the same un-named species). Oh, and his name is “The Child.” Still, he’s Baby Yoda to the rest of us. 

In fact, Canada’s The Weather Network straight up urged people to start creating (and sharing) their own Baby Yoda Snowdas using the hashtag #ShareYourWeather and #Snowda.

And now, the internet is now littered with evidence that human beings can be good and pure. Star Wars has always brought people together, hasn’t it?

There are some magnificent Baby Snowdas out there:

Someone even used green food coloring on this lil’ guy:

The force is with this fully neon green Snowda:

The author of the Star Wars Craft Book, Bonnie Burton, shared some of the Snowdas she’s seen:

Even Time Magazine is sharing the #Snowda creations.

Look at this exceptionally formidable six-foot backyard Snowda.

But the tiny, cute ones are also awesome:

Of course, people are carving Baby Snowda out of literal ice—a skill that takes a Jedi master to pull off:

There’s a pretty extra Snowda (if this even counts) at the Minnesota State Fair:

And finally, here’s Snowda in a little snowy stroller:


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