Woman Calls Out Dad’s Fragile Masculinity After He Bashes The Wiggles For Being “Gay”

If you have kids, you know children’s shows can be really over-the-top—but in delightful ways that make kids happy.

Yes, it can be annoying to watch the ten-thousandth episode of Peppa Pig or hearing the Wiggles over and over again, but seeing how happy your kids are makes up for it.

However, one Redditor has a father who is less than amused at children’s television shows—for the homophobic reason that he thinks that any man who acts in a children’s show, singing and dancing, must be gay.

“So my whole life I’ve known that my dad was a homophobe. No one else in my immediate family is, and no one really talks about any kind of lbgtq+ topic around him so it doesn’t really come up a lot with him. But whenever anything ‘gay’ happens around him he starts on a small rant.”

The OP, now 24, has a one-year-old daughter who loves the Wiggles (a kids show, seen above). When she visits her parents, she and her mom will put the Wiggles on so her daughter can be entertained during the visit.

“My dad is always commenting on how he doesn’t like the wiggles and it’s creepy. I usually ignore him but yesterday I decided to ask why. And he said, ‘Because, to sing and dance and smile like that as a full grown man, you have to be gay. That’s not the kind of people you want around kids.’ I was kind of in shock at what he said and I was like, ‘its just something funny and colorful for the kids.” I don’t even remember what he said afterwards but it was another gay comment and I said ‘well maybe their masculinity isn’t as fragile as yours.'”

“My mom laughed at my comment but my dad was less than amused and was in a really bad mood and snapping at everyone so I decided to leave early. My mom told me he’s still mad this morning and that I really shouldn’t have said anything because ‘I know how he is.'”

Imagine being offended by a child’s show! That’s definitely fragile.

“NTA. OP, don’t leave your dad any ‘Wiggle’ room on this issue. He’s being homophobic and he indeed has a fragile ego. Keep calling him out on it, not because it’s likely to change his attitude, but more to show your daughter that being kind and accepting is more powerful than being judgmental and close-minded,” said Anonymotron42.

“NTA. There are a lot of good reasons to not like watching the Wiggles, but gayness shouldn’t be one of them. You’re dead on accurate, it seems, and he didn’t like being called out on it. Now I have to try to get ‘fruit salad, yummy yummy’ out of my head. It’s been years…years! But there it is tormenting me again,” said Bozobozo111.

“It’s actually an excellent way of pushing back with mom – ‘I know you’ve put up with this from dad, but I need to model good behavior for my daughter. I don’t want her to ever think that his form of bigotry is acceptable. It might be how he is, but I never want her to think that it’s ok,'” suggested LupusEv.

“NTA. The truth hurts sometimes. You obviously hit a sore spot. And good on you for doing it in front of your daughter. She needs to know that adults should be questioned. And your dad is absolutely fragile,” said Flashy_Current2284.

“NTA….your dad sounds like a really insecure man. My hubby, one of the most manly men I have ever met, went to a Wiggles concert and sang)danced because his twin sons were really into the Wiggles at the time. When his little girl wanted to paint his toes, he said just make sure to pick a color that will make his feet look good (he has the feet cavemen would envy). Being a man and a great dad is about showing your kids it is okay to be themselves, to embrace who they are, and to show love, support, and encouragement,” said Mrs_ghee_buttersnaps.

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