Maisie Williams’ Roommate Reveals The Very Relatable Downside Of Living With Her

If you haven’t yet seen the most recent episode of Game of Thrones, then seriously, what is the hold up? The internet is as full of spoilers as the night is full of White Walkers, so if you’re planning on watching without knowing the end, you should do it soon. 

Avoiding spoilers is hard enough for us regular people, so imagine how difficult it must be for one person who’s not part of the show but who’s still very close to the action—Maisie Williams’ roommate. 

Bill Milner, who’s an actor as well, recently tweeted about his disadvantage for avoiding spoilers, being as he lives with Williams, who plays Arya Stark on the show. 

On Monday, Milner wrote, “You all think it’s hard avoiding #GameofThrones spoilers? Try living with Arya. I’m dodging them in my own goddamn kitchen.” 

That’s a pretty epic #humblebrag right there, but he’s also got a point. That does make it hard not to find out plot points about the show. 

People on Twitter couldn’t stop laughing, but were also a little jealous of Milner, which, can you blame them?

They also wanted to warn him, because, you know, Arya is one bad b*tch. 

People also made jokes, because that’s honestly what Twitter is for. 

Living with Maisie Williams, I’d be less worried that she wouldn’t pay her share of the utility bill and more scared that she’d steal my face while I slept. 

h/t: Twitter: @Bill_Milner, Someecards