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Turns Out A Lot Of People Think “Onion” Headlines Are Real (40 Pics)

With deep fakes, fake news, and regular ol’ propaganda, there’s plenty of misinformation floating around out there and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what’s real and what’s not.

THAT being said, sometimes it’s pretty easy.

For example, when it’s an obvious joke. Also, when it’s a less obvious joke, i.e. satire.

If it’s a headline from The Onion or The Babylon Bee or Reductress, you should know by now that it’s satirical.

Of course, there are still plenty of dummies who seem like they just logged onto the internet for the first time who don’t get it. These are some of those dummies.

1. Sounds like someone else got a Netflix deal

2. *whispers* they are kidding you

3. Would do

4. Guess they’re a tennis fan

5. You learn something dumb every day

6. LOL they even posted the text

7. *shakes head*

8. Important to remember Snow White isn’t real

9. Dihydrogen monoxide = H2O = water

10. Don’t they though?

11. “Wtf” indeed

12. That little boy had it coming

13. You KNEW??

14. The “devil”

15. Total photoshop

16. To be fair, this does sound like something he’d say

17. Wow, got him

18. Those clowns in Washington are at it again

19. Next year in Jerusalem

20. “No knowledge on gaming”

21. The #MarkleHive has logged on


22. Not animal rights fans I guess


23. It is, in fact, obvious to some


24. “Oh honey”


25. Fun fact: it’s not considered news

Hard Times

26. Would that make it ok?


27. “I know that is not the case”


28. A single tear rolls down Uncle Sam’s cheek


29. Obviously you’re not a golfer


30. “I’m really confused until the next video autoplays and I get really confused about something else”


31. What, are you a doctor?


32. Gonna guess this guy won’t understand it either


43. What’s this “K-12” you speak of?


34. Seems like a small plane, too


35. Just so long as we’re all offended


36. Karl is cute though


37. More “flue shots” for the rest of us


38. Medical science must be stopped


39. We could all use more self-reflection


40. She even pulled out a quote