This Woman Tried To Make Heart-Shaped Cookies, But They Look Just Like Balls

As Bob Ross would say “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” And these macaroon cookies that look like balls were definitely a happy accident.

This beautiful tragedy comes from Emma Plummer, who is a baker that specializes in macaroons.


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During a recent baking session, Emma tried to make heart-shaped macaroons, and, well, they turned out…


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Apparently, it’s very difficult to make heart-shaped baked goods look like hearts, rather than just cookies that look like balls.

As the tweet gained traction, someone asked if the macaroons were meant for a bake sale. And they were…FOR CHILDREN!

Another person chimed in to tell a baker who specializes in macaroons how to make macaroons.

The tweet, and Emma’s great sense of humor, brought her some opportunities.

Amazing job, Emma. You are doing the lord’s work.

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