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Restaurant Servers Are Sharing The Things You Do That Make Them Hate You (25 Stories)

16. What was that?

“For here or to go?” “Yes.”


17. Wait your turn.

I hate when customers think they’re my only table, so they interrupt me when I’m literally in the middle of taking someone else’s order. Just wait your turn.


18. Move it along.

It’s annoying when customers sit at my table for hours after they’ve finished eating. When you don’t leave my table, no one else can sit there, so I’m losing money


19. Order a less girly drink next time, bro.

I’ve had men send drinks back to the bar because they wanted a “less girly glass”. Or a drink with a less “girly” color. You can bet your ass we all made fun of that person mercilessly in the service aisle.


20. Do not steal.

Please don’t take our pens. The restaurant does not give them to us, so we have to purchase them. On that same note, don’t take the signed receipt, either. There’s a reason we give you two receipts.


21. Asking for water to look at.

It’s annoying when only half the table asks for water, and only AFTER I bring it to them will the rest of the table decide that they want water too. Then nobody drinks the water and I can’t clear the table quickly for the next group because of all the damn full cups.


22. No excuses.

The “justified” cheap people – will act all nice until the bill comes, then make some excuse why you are not getting a tip. like you only ask them 5 times to refill their glass of tea.


23. Why would you do that?

Customers who insist on sitting at the dirty table.


24. You don’t get to pick everything.

I hate when people decide that they want to sit somewhere in the restaurant that isn’t where I was about to seat them. People who don’t work in a restaurant don’t know this, but we seat you somewhere because we have to rotate customers to each server’s section to make sure that tips are distributed equally. If you don’t sit where I put you, it means someone gets ahead and someone else gets behind, which really messes up the system.


25. Really. Don’t be this guy.

My great grandmother was a waitress at the time and had the (then) honor of serving food to Hitler the night WW2 began.